Over the past months, more and more customers have been asking about how they can extend SharePoint 2010 for improved social collaboration or even replace it with another product! Thankfully, SharePoint 2013 has social collaboration written all over it. Here are a few quick points that will make your employees log off Facebook during work.

Following people and content

You can now follow people, sites, documents and tags so that you can have one location to stay informed with what is going on around the areas of your interest. The information is displayed in your Newsfeed in your profile. Your newsfeed can also show you if someone has mentioned you somewhere.

SkyDrive Pro

The “my site” functionality is significantly changed and now provides a storage area that behaves exactly like the publicly available SkyDrive service by sharing documents with others or syncing them with your workstations (using SkyDrive Pro client – part of Office 2013)

User Profiles

The profile pages are significantly revamped to look cleaner and more inviting in comparison to previous versions.

Sharing Sites / Content

This is simplified by having a “Share” button on content instead of having to go through the pain of navigating to the permission settings for that securable object and breaking permissions inheritance and then setting your permissions as needed.


You can now form communities based on various subjects of interest. Your users can gain reputation with their memberships based on contribution.

Discussion Boards

The functionality has been improved and now you can promote discussions and best replies (along with a better UI).