What? A CRM post here? Well working alongside a CRM team and having some goes at it myself it was inevitable.

When installing CRM 2011 on the same box as SQL 2012, you will notice two issues;

  1. The CRM 2011 installer wont work at all with an error on dependencies
  2. Assuming you managed to get passed error 1, the SSRS deployment is not supported.

The first issue is related to the deployed version of the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime. The SQL 2012 installer deploys a greater version that the CRM 2011 installer isnt very fond of resulting in an error. One workaround is to uninstall the runtime, reboot and try again – which breaks SQL 2012 so you have to update it to the latest version again and reboot.

The second issue is simply due to the fact that SSRS 2012 is different and CRM 2011 wont support it using the vanilla installer.

To avoid both issues, download the new installer from the Microsoft Download Center which also includes Update Rollup 6: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011.