A new version of SharePoint Expressions has been released. This is the first stable version which includes new expressions and a new syntax for HTML and URL encoding. Specifically, The Logo URL and Description for Site Collections and Sites can now be retrieved. In addition, list titles, descriptions and views can be retrieved either for current or for specific lists.


You can now specify the desired encoding – if any – as an additional parameter to your expression. For example: gives the HTML encoded version. For URL encoding, simply enter url instead of html. The key rule is that the encoding is always the last parameter in the expression, no matter how many parameters are required.

List Expressions with identity parameter

The new release adds support for retrieving values from specific lists. This is achieved using a parameter that is either the URL of the list or title of the list. Please note that titles only work if the list is within the current Site. As an example, lets retrieve the title of a list located at Lists/CustomList:

SharePoint:ListTitle,/CustomList%>” />

List ID’s have been excluded due to potential migration issues when users edit a live application. Any encoding can be specified as the last parameter here:

SharePoint:ListTitle,/CustomList,html%>” />

Designer Support

The expressions now have a basic designer which will give a textual description of the value you are retrieving. Unfortunately, neither SharePoint Designer nor SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2010 support them for a strange reason. However, the designer appears to function correctly if you open the site as an ASP.NET site in Visual Studio 2010. My guess is that neither of those tools retrieve the expressions registered on the sites. I am still looking for a way around this and will update in the future.

This was just released, however, I have some improvements in mind that are so big, they could hold the project back a few months. The improvements will be around the expression evaluation performance and overall architecture. I will provide more information in a follow-up.