Branching in TFS hasn’t been a nice experience so far. In TFS 2010 things got a bit easier with the new set of features added.

  1. Branches are now entities of source control: Unlike TFS 2008, your branches are no longer simple copies of the source “branch”. TFS 2010 recognizes branches as objects of their own type and provides branch-related tasks:


  2. Convert folders to branches: You can now convert any folder in TFS to a branch. The only restriction is that the folder must be checked in:


  3. Hierarchy View: TFS 2010 gives you a visual representation of the branch hierarchy along with branch-related tasks in that view:


  4. Visual Tracking: You can now track in which branches a change set has been merged to in either a hierarchy view or timeline view:



  5. Improved Merging: TFS 2010 only merges the contents of files that it supports. So what happens to the other files? You can now specify your own external tools for merging file extensions not supported by TFS. New files are simply added with no trouble.

  TFS 2010 now gives you full control to manage and track your branch changes and eases the pain you have experienced with past versions. All the above features require both TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 2010.