After a years time I finally managed to release my tasks again over at Codeplex.The tasks can be used in MSBuild/TFSBuild scripts to help automate some SharePoint operations. In this release I have removed one of the tasks; Deployment.AddWebPart. Reason for that is most developers package their web parts as features and also the API used is marked obsolete. In addition, I did some code cleanup and analysis.

Tasks Included

  • Deployment.AddSolution: Adds one or more solutions to the local farm solution store.
  • Deployment.DeploySolution: Deploys one or more solutions to the specified content URLs.
  • Deployment.GetSolutionInfo: Retrieves information about a solution from the solution store.
  • Deployment.RemoveSolution: Deletes one or more solutions from the local farm solution store.
  • Deployment.RetractSolution: Retracts one or more solutions from the specified content URLs.

Whats Next

I have to admit I was a bit puzzled on what tasks to add after the original 5 ones but I ended up with the following idea; create tasks around key SharePoint entities such as Features, Web Applications, Sites etc. So for example WebApplication.ActivateFeature to activate a feature and WebApplication.Create to create a new Web Application. As I mentioned before, ideas and contributors are more than welcome.