Since Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 share exactly the same kernel, some people use Server 2008 as their desktop OS. Today we are interested in the exact reverse; lets see how can we install WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 on Windows Vista. Vista was given some of Windows Server 2008 components to increase the  developer experience and one of those was IIS 7. I remember a war during the beta phase of “Longhorn” where the Windows team insisted on restricting IIS 7 to only one site under Windows Vista. Eventually they realized that developers do really need more than one site and they gave us a full IIS. Some IIS modules are missing though from some Vista distributions. Home Premium for example has no Windows Authentication module. I run Ultimate so I guess I have what WSS needs to run on my PC. The question now is how do we install WSS on Vista as it declines to install under a desktop OS. The answer comes from Bamboo solutions. They wrote a small utility which I am guessing intercepts messages and reports Windows Server 2008 when the OS version is requested. You can find a better description and detailed steps on how to install WSS under Vista  at their blog: