A lot of people call me Mr. Microsoft, bill, gates and other names associated with Microsoft since I use mostly Microsoft products. Everyone was shocked though when I first said Firefox is a better browser than IE in some way. Now I am not talking tabs, skins or security but the web browser’s performance with rendering and JavaScript execution. After all, IE has been the same browser since Windows 2000. Well not anymore! I am super excited to say that IE8 beta 2 is out and its here to give the rest of the browsers a hard time. I have been running it since it came out couple of days ago and I am impressed. The browser launches faster, pages render much faster and it looks pretty nice to. I even put the browser through its paces by running some code that crashes IE6 and IE7. IE8 finished it under 2 seconds which is identical to Firefox. That’s not all though take a look at the integrated JavaScript debugger, CSS tracer, the profiler and the end user abilities like inprivate browsing, web slices, a relaxed UI and lots of other features. XP SP3 users be careful as you need to uninstall SP3 to take out the browser. Why are you running XP in the first place? :¬)

The browser is initially available in English, German, Japanese and Chinese. More languages to appear soon. You can download the browser at: