The web has been buzzing with rumours that SQL Server 2008 will RTM tomorrow. I am definitely excited for the release not only for SQL Server but for the accompanying technologies which are:

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1: Will increase application cold startup performance, give us a subset .NET Framework (25MB) which easier to distribute with simple Windows applications, REST Services support in WCF, Hardware acceleration for WPF, ASP.NET Routing, Entity Framework and many more. This might as well be .NET 3.8 :¬)

Microsoft Sync Framework: A synchronisation platform for offline access and collaboration between applications services and devices.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1: Lots of improvements for TFS Client, Improved IDE responsiveness, JavaScript code formatting and others.

PowerShell 2.0: GUI PowerShell, Universal code execution model, script internationalisation and lots of others.

and most important, is SQL Server 2008 with T-SQL intellisense, FILESTREAM and other new types but most importantly the performance increase.

August should bring other exciting releases such as Silverlight 2.0 and Beta 2 of IE 8 which should be feature complete.