This Visual Studio 2005 add-on simplifies web part, feature and solution development. The original version wasn’t that exciting but the team delivered more with this version. This must be installed on a WSS 3.0 machine (with Visual Studio 2005) otherwise will not install at all. The following project templates are created for Visual Basic .NET and C#:

  • Web Part
  • Team Site Definition
  • Blank Site Definition
  • List Definition
  • Empty SharePoint Project

In addition, the following item templates are added:

  • Web Part
  • Custom Field
  • List Definition (with optional Event Receiver)
  • Content Type (with optional Event Receiver)
  • Module
  • List Instance
  • List Event Handler
  • Template

The installer also adds a standalone utility; the SharePoint Solution Generator, which can create site definitions based on existing sites.

This is a must-have and you can get it for free from: