Microsoft released the first service pack for SharePoint product family on the 11th of December. In addition to ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 support and other enhancements, the SharePoint team fixed a vast number bugs in both products. A resource center has been added to TechNet for IT Professionals to prepare for SP1 and can be found here.

Some of the changes are:

All of the Windows Server 2008 editions except core will be compatible with WSS 3.0 SP1 and SharePoint Server SP1 at RC1 and beyond.  New slipstream download version of WSS 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server will include SP1

ASP.NET for AJAX Compatibility and Support Including Support for Web Parts Built with AJAX Control Toolkit for ASP.NET and AJAX 1.0 Extensions (941955)

You can now use the Microsoft AJAX 1.0 Control toolkit for Microsoft ASP.NET or the AJAX 1.0 Extensions for ASP.NET to create Web Parts for asynchronous post pack.  Beginning with WSS 3.0 SP1 and MOSS 2007 SP1, developers can create custom Web Parts using AJAX.

New STSAdm Commands

·         Mergecontentdbs – For consolidating or repartitioning site collections across content databases (939035)

(Todd Klindt has written up some steps on how to use mergecontentdbs.  I also recommend some background on database partitioning of site collections and why you’d use mergecontentdbs from Joel Oleson’s blog.)

·         Renamesite – used for renaming host named site collections (939535)

·         Peoplepicker-searchadcustomfilter, Peoplepicker-serviceaccountdirectorypath, Peoplepicker-setsiteaccountdirectorypath, Peoplepicker-getsiteaccountdirectorypath, Peoplepicker-tzmove – Ability to scope the People Picker for managing permissions to scope to an Active Directory OU (806244)

You’ll see much more documentation on these commands at release.

Includes 60+ Hot fixes Across WSS 3.0 SP1 / SharePoint Server 2007 SP1

Top requested and support related Hot fixes are listed below.  A more verbose list of hot fixes will be included with the knowledge base content released with service pack 1.  Note: To get more information on the hot fixes below appending the hot fix number to the end of the following URL in your browser:


Hot fix 938663: Timer jobs delayed one hour because of DST

Hot fix 936867: Inherit permissions causes permissions loss

Hot fix 930807: Cannot open WSS alerts in Outlook 2007 cached mode

Hot fix 932816: Workflow does not continue after pause for duration

Hot fix 936867: Export fails with FatalError User cannot be found

Hot fix 938888: Edit document crashes with multiple versions of Office installed

Hot fix 934790: Peoplepicker-searchadcustomquery filter correction

Hot fix 926284: List view web part not retained saving template

Hot fix 934793: Fixes to support indexing Exchange 2007 public folders

Hot fix 933819: Fixed crawling IBM Notes indexing ID access issues

Hot fix 934790: Fix to Alerts logic to address mails not being sent in specific scenarios

Hot fix 932620: Fix to CMS Migration link image attachment

Hot fix 939599: Fix to LDAP related FBA memory issue

Hot fix 939188: Content deployment fix – The file ‘XXXX’ is not checked out…