No this is not where I am going to try to convince you which one is the best. I installed iTunes the other day for a friend who had lots of issues with it. He mentioned that he couldn’t set it up and he asked me to take a look at his PC anyway. We ended up reinstalling Windows XP from scratch. iTunes installed just fine but the problem was it wasn’t working at all. So there I was infront of the frozen, ugly gray window of iTunes full of controls left and right reminding a Star Trek helm console. Then today, I had a quick look at Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. I noticed that Microsoft respected the Mac ecosystem and didnt force the Office 2007 colours on the Mac users. Why Apple didn’t do the same? The problem is everywhere; iTunes, QuickTime, Safari… Windows users love to have the same look and feel across their applications and so do the Mac users. I am sure they can do better than that.